Courage in a Young Girl’s Hands

Amanat Singh shows that courage can come in a vessel any color or size.

She is a Sikh, a religion which is compared to that of terrorist groups, ostracized because of misunderstandings of Americans, taught to keep heads down at school.

She, living through this for her 9 years grew with substantial courage to help her community. On August 5th of 2012 a very drastic event tested that courage that she had been growing inside of her like a beautiful Protea flower. Gun shots sounded. After a few seconds of fear, courage overtook this small 9 year old girl and the thought of saving her fellow worshippers flew into her mind. Though 6 of her community died that day Amanat succeeded in saving the rest of the temple before the perpetrator committed suicide.

We can see the courage of many famous young girls in her: Anne Frank and Malala Yousafzai just to name two. Though the nine year old never wrote a memoir depicting her troubles in society as a young child of a less welcomed minority, the greatness of her character still shines through.

“I remember yelling ‘Hide! Hide! Hide!'” at the people in temple,” said Amanat Singh recalling the day that the threat of malevolent¬†bullets consumed her thoughts and actions.

In America, everyone is mostly seen as equal, but there are always a few people who look at certain groups a different way; People who aren’t worthy of the honor to be an American. One of those people attacked Singh’s family and community on the day of August 5th, but the courage seen through such a small girl continues to bridge the gap between racism and social inequality, that is getting smaller and smaller each day.


4 thoughts on “Courage in a Young Girl’s Hands

  1. You did a really good job of showing your credibility by mentioning ann frank. Also the quotes you used brought an emotional appeal. Next time try to use a metaphor

    • You did a really good job of showing your credibility by mentioning ann frank. Also the quote you used brought an emotional appeal. Next time try using a metaphor

  2. I love your examples and emotion. You conveyed your thoughts well. Maybe next time you could add other types of media

  3. I love the simile of the Protea flower which also helps your emotional appeal as you discuss the innocence of young girls. I also liked that you were able to build credibility through Anne Frank and Malala Yousafzai, who were also victims of crimes of terror. What detail about your examples could you add to further support your argument?

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