The ability to be human is the ability to find humor in everything. Key and Peele, two comedians with a hit show on Comedy Central recently wrote an article in Time Magazine on the importance of humor in life. They talked about the necessity of making fun of everyone despite conditions,  races,  genders,  because all of these different things makes each different person human.
  Singling out a certain group from ridicule is discriminatory against that group.  It leaves the impression that they are too weak to not see the humor in their problems: to not see their own humanity.
Key and Peele also try to slow their audiences the humor in events that are seem today as tragic. They have had enormously popular sketches on slavery,  the Nazis, and various wars and dictatorships. This shows the world that things aren’t supposed to be politically correct,  and that people don’t always have to keep tape covering their mouth. They just have to make fun of everyone and everything equally and recognize the humanity in everyone and everything equally.
Humanity is the ability to find humor in everything.


3 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. I can tell you put a lot of thought into yours, it is developed very well. Your vocabulary is excellent and you convey emotion to the reader very well. Maybe you could add a quote from a concrete example?

  2. I like that you used high level diction, a very concrete example since Key and Peele and Time Magazine are things people know about and can relate to. Also I like the repetition from the start of the essay and the last line of the essay. What other concrete examples could you use to build more credibility and show that this is a global problem and multiple people are affected by it?

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