Why do people in this day and age feel that if their hatred and slander is hidden by a computer screen and an anonymous username that their actions are null?
Various forms of social media in this technology grounded generation have provided masks for bullies to terrorize people online: Facebook, Instagram,  Tumblr,  Twitter,  Snapchat, the
comments section on YouTube. I could go on, but alas my point is made. The places where people can now anonymously bully others is seemingly infinite and growing everyday.
Bullies operate on their victims insecurities, and search for people’s most obvious flaws to pick on. Their victims could be short, fat, have acne problems. Maybe their hair is too blah, or their arms aren’t proportionate to their body, or maybe they just feel overall ugly. People- when feeling down – should have fellow humans who are there for the sole purpose of lifting them up and making them feel great about themselves not tearing them down. There are countless YouTube comments that I have read in my years picking on every aspect of the performers appearance and performance that make me disappointed with the human race.
Demi Lovato was one celebrity who listened to all of those YouTube comments calling her fat or highlighting her butt chin and it broke her down. She went over the edge; giving in to eating disorders and violence. But who made those comments? Someone so self righteous that he had to hide behind an anonymous username. People who can’t even stand up for their own twisted beliefs and take responsibility for their corrupt actions are people that no one should ever listen to. Especially about personal image.


2 thoughts on “Civility

  1. Great voice and excellent sarcasm. Your concrete details are detectable and applicable to reality. What about putting an actual comment on one of Demi Lavato’s videos in your post?

  2. I like that you used a lot of Pitt’s style of writing and you were able to successfully use dashes in sentences, repetition of the word “maybe” and creating a list from that, and using a mixture of short, declarative sentences and long, detailed sentences. How about putting some actual comments that Demi Lovato as well as other celebrities have received?

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