Somebody Up There Hates You

1. The title of this book is Somebody Up The Hates You., written by Hollis Seamon with 238 pages. I am currently on page 120.
5. “When I heard that mom was really sick,  at first I was scared. Funnily enough,  I was worried about her health”. This quote stood out to me because Richie,  the narrator,  has cancer, and it is humorous that he is now worrying about the sickness of his mom. Also,  it shows a softer side of Richie and introduces his mom into the book.
2. The protagonist is Richard Casey or Richie. His main conflict is his terminal Cancer and how to make the most of out of his last days. I think the possible endings could be that he and his friend Sylvie fall in love and the Sylvie dies and Richie’s Cancer goes away.
4. I would definitely recommend this book because it is a different look at terminal illnesses. The perspective shown through Richie is such a unique outlook and I think his personality makes this novel better than Fault in our Stars.
6. The cultural setting of Somebody Up There Hates You is present day, Caucasian family, but with a single mother and an Italian family.  Richie isn’t very religious because of his cancer often saying he has SUCH Syndrome (Somebody Up There Hates You) .


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