Little Bee

1. The title of the novel I’m reading is Little Bee, written by Chris Cleave,  with 266 pages.
5. A quote that stood out to me was “we must all see scars as beauty.  Ok?… A scar means I survived.” This stood out to me because it gave me a completely new perspective on how to view pain and suffering. It made me see how things that cause me pain can make me stronger.
4. I would definitely recommend Little bee to anyone,  because it was very eye opening to me. It changed my perspective on things like pain and gave me an insight to the affects of Europeans had in Africa.
6. The cultural setting in Little Bee is one of discrimination. Little Bee is a Nigerian refugee in England where the British don’t look too fondly on her kind.
10. I want the most satisfied with the ending because it left me hanging. Now I will forever be on the edge of my seat hoping that this fictional character was not killed. However,  I can see why Cleave choose to end the book like this, because if he gave us the answer and with it closure?, the novel would slip from your mind more easily because it is resolved. But now I will think about it often because I don’t know and I will endlessly try to deduce it in my mind.


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