Entertainment Industry

 The industry of entertainment holds in its hands the young, impressionable minds of millions of children, and the power to influence them one way or the other. Young people, the base of society, are engrossed in the entertainment industry; always wanting to see the next new movie or TV show, or the latest hot mess that Lady Gaga has tried to pull off as an outfit. This involvement gives the entertainment industry full power to cause damage to our society.

Justin Bieber, who is loved to a point of hysteria by thousands of teenage girls, showed the power of the entertainment industry when he did drugs. His fans in response to seeing a picture of him smoking weed, began posting pictures of themselves cutting to get him to stop, using the hashtag #Cut4Bieber. The influence made on those girls by a popstar caused them to harm themselves and has left them with lifelong scars on their bodies. 

In the 1990s, a string of murders was set off by the horror movie Scream. The murderers felt encouraged by the movie, and decided to replicate the murders from the movie to honor it. Many other murderers feel encouraged by the abundance crime scene investigation shows, such as CSI, NCIS, Pysch, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, Elementary, and so on. The way murder and other harsh crimes are publicized in our society makes people who to be noticed feel more capable of commiting crimes. Many serial killers want the attention that comes with killing: being a household name, the news broadcasts, articles written about the interworkings of their minds.

The media and enertainment industry holds every possibility of ruining our society. Everyday negative influences are shown to thousands of youth through entertainment, and no producer could possibly know if their movie will be the one that inspires a killing spree by an abused kid in California. The entertainment industry is like a game of Russian Roulette, you just have to pull the trigger and hope for the best.


One thought on “Entertainment Industry

  1. Keely, your content is great. Strong assertion. Two solid examples. But we need to work on your style a bit. How can you make sure that you have natural transitions between paragraphs? Maybe topic sentences that relate to your thesis statement? Also, the last sentence of each paragraph should reiterate your overall assertion. This makes for tight paragraphs that support your argument. Also, try some rhetorical devices (anaphora, polysyntedon, intentional fragment, etc) this will elevate your style and place you in the higher score ranges. 7

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