Academic Subsidies

Scholarships specifically for minorities for the grand accomplishment that they were born a minority are discrimination.
These scholarships were designed in good intention by old white men of the past whose generations were still closely connected to the horrifying days of segregation. However, minorities in this day and age get an incredible amount of opportunities. So when there is a scholarship that allows a student to get into school and have the majority of it paid for when a white person who makes the same and sometimes even better grades to not be able to get in or not be able to pay for it, that is discrimination.
Then, these scholarships are telling the world that because these students were born a different skin color, that they are not as smart as the white students, and until these academic subsidies for  minorities are taken away this discrimination will not stop. 
A couple of months ago I attended a law symposium put on by the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association. A Hispanic judge who spoke to us voiced her favor of these academic subsidies. Listening to this infuriated me but then I realized that she was from a different generation; her parents were around Jim crow laws were in effect and minorities were actively put at a disadvantage. In those times these subsidies helped minorities get a head start into the professional world, but now subsidies are unacceptable. I should not have to pay for what my ancestors did to minorities. America is supposed to be a land free of discrimination, but in the academic world at least it is still very evident.


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