Things That Don’t Mix

The first things to come to mind that don’t mix are consuming alcohol and driving. Doing this sets yourself up for failure, and risks not only your life but the life of every single person out on the road with you; that is a lot of responsibility. Drivers carry the ultimate responsibility, holding their passengers lives in their not always competent hands. However, there is a certain responsibility bestowed upon passengers in any vehicle. If someone is drunk there is absolutely no good reason someone would think it to be a good idea to jump on In the car with them. There is always another way home; people’s lives are not worth someone wanting to drive their own car home, or being scared to call their parents because they were drinking under age.

Xavier Chevez, Milanca Lopez’s son.

   In May of 2012, Milanca Lopez put herself and her son, Xavier, in the car with her boyfriend, Jose Lumbreras, whose blood alcohol level was .219%. After slamming into a tree Milanca died on impact, her son following her seven days later. She put herself and her baby boy into a vehicle with a driver who was under the influence, and it cost her life and the life and dreams of her six year old son. That should have never happened. Milanca, knowing Jose was drunk should have stopped him from driving, or at least not put herself in the car with someone she knew was a danger behind the wheel. That fateful day, she took life for granted; believed herself, her family to be indestructible. But humans are fragile, and for Lopez and Lumbreras that lesson was learned the hard way.

6-year-old boy dies of injuries from drunk driving accident


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