Zimmerman Arrested Again?

   It was a moment that everyone in America waited for, eyes glued on the television, which was turned to any local news channel, waiting for the jury to return with their verdict. The country was split, no one knowing whose side told the truth, the defendant dead, and the event not documented with photos or any live witnesses who saw the crime go down. This was a dilemma; and without the whole truth, Americans did their best to pick sides, and when the verdict came back on that fateful night, Zimmerman was let go scot free after killing a teenager. At least that’s what we thought.

   Since the ruling freed Zimmerman, the “ex-neighborhood watchman” has had many other run ins with the law three of which included guns, showing his behavior that leans towards violence, something that should have been highlighted in the trials, before he was let go. As Zimmerman continues to terrorize people, mostly his own family members, people are getting a better understanding of what kind of person he is, and previous supporters are now leaning towards him being a bad guy. They are realizing that they had made a mistake in supporting Zimmerman and are fearful that it might have been their support that tipped the scale to Zimmerman’s side. 

   Courtrooms have gotten so complex and political that the morals of the situation have completely disappeared, and the cases are more focused on which sides lawyer Is more theatrical, more attention grabbing than the other. The outrage over the Zimmerman case would have probably been a lot less if they had at least charged him minimally for manslaughter, but instead they let him literally get away with murder. More specifically the murder of a young man whose life was just beginning, and it was perfectly acceptable, because of the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida, which just further teaches people that violence is a solution.

   We will never know what Martin and Zimmerman ever said to each other, and we will never know who started the fight, who threw the first punch, who was really, honestly scared for their life. The only thing we know is that a young man died and no one answered for his death; no one took on that responsibility. The pain felt by the mother of Martin, embodies everything that is wrong with the American legal system. Everyday she will cry, missing her baby boy, and know that no justice was ever brought to his death. 

George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend


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