Liars and the Greedy Need Not Apply.

Honesty and morality are often forgotten in the dark backrooms of politicians, where in reality these characteristics should be exemplified for the good of our country. Instead of doing things for moral reasons, politicians are taking actions based of where the popular vote is in order to get re-elected. This puts us mere citizens of “The Greatest Country in the World” unsure of what is shoved in front of us as the “right thing for the good of the people”. What is really missing in America is politicians who will stand up and make decisions for moral reasons, and for what is right, and not constantly worry about whether or not it will cause them to not get re-elected.

The issue of greed seen in politicians is common in human nature, but to make a country great, the greed cannot be dominant in the leading figures of a nation. Back in the 1800s, this was an ever-present problem, as the Northerners became more and more disgusted with the South; but no one wanted to be the one to change the ways of government. No one wanted it to be their name on the bill abolishing slavery, because all politicians knew that whoever that was wouldn’t get re-elected. Today, democrats who continuously supported the ill-working “Obamacare” or Affordable Health Care Act, are now trying to discredit it for fear of not getting re-elected. They’re right; it’s a bad law. However, they are also the people who pushed it through to become a law, and now when the people realize what a bad plan it is , they are trying to hide from it. They are saying “That wasn’t me! I don’t like that law! Please re-elect me!” and that in itself should be a moral dilemma for voters, especially Democrats.

The key to keep these kinds of people out of government is for the voting public to inform itself. And I know it’s “unconstitutional” to require potential voters to take a quiz on current issues, or at least read the candidates platforms, but if that was a requirement the United States would have a much better lot of people in power.


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