Women = Men

   Women are essential to society, and have the capability to be as successful, if not more than men.  Many countries in African States hold their women population back; this is a mistake. Giving women rights and allowing them to work in equal careers to men can double a nation’s work force, voting population, and scholars. Amira Osman Hamed showed how men in these countries limit women by even how they dress themselves, because demonstrating that the men have that kind of power can diminish how women think of themselves, and how they react when oppressed by these men.

   Suffrage for women in the United States even- the most revered country when speaking of “freedom” – came much too late, in 1920. Over and over again, in every society a battle that has been fought, is being fought now, or is ensuing, is the struggle for men to see women as equals. In the United States, according to the US Board of Education in the year 2009-2010 women received the majority of Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in higher education. Despite this women still earn less! This comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics: women make from 73.1% to 93.2% the salary of men in 2012.

   Wherever women are being discriminated against is a place or a group or a society that will not reach its full potential until it accepts those women as their equals and accepts women’s ideas as equals to their own.

Don’t Tell Muslim Women What to Wear


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