Everyone Cannot Win.

Ludicrous accusations of “bullying” have risen from “Fort Worth’s Western Hills” parents after a “91-0 blowout” against Aledo. This continues to teach kids the evil philosophy started in American public schools to boost self esteems, that “everyone wins”. Everyone cannot win. It is impossible; it betrays the fundamental building blocks of the American economy. This philosophy spoon-fed to young children takes the competition out of them and teaches that it is perfectly fine to lose, or fail. When raising the generation that will proceed ours and take care of us in our old age the one thing that we shouldn’t be taking out of their character is their sense of competition, their will to fight, or their desire to be the best.

When the United States began as a country, the people of the time desired to make USA the best country on the planet with a voting republic and freedom of religion and a strong free-market economy, and they succeeded. For a long time the United States was viewed worldwide as the best country in the world, but as Will Mcavoy pointed out in the premier of “Newsroom” we aren’t the greatest country in the world anymore. The declining sense of competition in our young citizens has a great deal to do with that point. Less developments are coming forth from Americans, we are in tremendous debt to China, a communist nation! We are sliding into a place of content with the way life is, just as the Ottoman Empire did in its own declining days.

We need our sense of competition back to fight our way back to the top, and we need to stop feeding our children the societal lies that “everyone wins.”

Aledo High school Football Team Accused Of Bullying Over 91-0 Victory


One thought on “Everyone Cannot Win.

  1. This bullying charge over a football game got my son riled up, too. You’ve got the basics of a good argument here, but I have a few contentions. First, this comment: “started in American public schools” — yeah, not true. It really started on the soccer fields with parents more concerned with their child’s feelings than wit their child’s drive to be successful. ext, this sentence: “This philosophy spoon-fed to young children takes the competition out of them and teaches that it is perfectly fine to lose, or fail.” Doesn’t “everybody winning” do the opposite–teach them that they will not lose or fail?

    Maybe you were in a hurry. I get that, but remember to proofread and always revise. Little errors can really mess with meaning.

    Also, next time, work on elevating your vocab and sentence structure. You’re ready to go for that 9, right?


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