Culture of Violence

   It is becoming more and more obvious as the days go by and incidents continue to occur, that our current generation is living in a culture of violence. How that happened is unclear; did the parents of generation Y and Z teach them a culture of violence? did ever-improving violent videogame graphics instill those values upon them? or was it a combination of the media, advanced technology, and less involved parenting styles that have accompanied our children into the 2000s? All that is sure is that the children and teenagers growing up today are growing into and learning from a culture of violence that needs, desperately, to be stopped.

   Today a child in Nevada took a semi-automatic weapon to his middle school and started shooting. This occurrence alone can prove the kind of culture that we are living in. The mere fact that a seventh grader is being called a “gunman” by police and oodles of news crews is both incredibly saddening and intriguing at the same time. The sad factor comes in with this question: What on earth could be happening in his twelve-year-old life that would make him want to take his own life and the lives of others before he even starts truly living? what is intriguing is to realize just how deep into this culture of violence we are that policemen could consider that this little boy might have just been “…going on an indiscriminate shooting spree.” As if to say that there was absolutely no reason that he was doing this; it was just for some sick, twisted version of fun.

   If the police can assume that this young boy just started shooting for no real reason, without considering what was going on at home, or if he was being bullied or abused, or if he was depressed and had given up on anyone loving him, that shows that as a nation, and as a generation we have gotten too far into our culture of violence. We need to all bind together and take a few steps back, because these occurrences are only getting more frequent, and we cannot afford to have our young people think that public outbursts of violence or taking their own lives are solutions to pain.

Nevada school shooting: Teacher killed, two students wounded 



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