My Reading Life.

   Reading is, for me, a way to escape from life; a path into a different world where I can forget about my problems and worries. That is what really draws me to reading, because being a perfectionist, I am usually stressed about something, but in the world of books I don’t have to think about it. My grandfather on my mom’s side was a English teacher and superintendent of a school district in Florida when my mom was young. This taught my mom how important reading was, and later on she instilled that importance in me.

   My sister taught me how to read my first book, and for a surprise on my mom’s birthday I read it aloud for her by myself. It was entitled Mama, Do You Love Me? and to this day my mom tears up whenever she sees a copy. The feeling I got from bring able to read that book on my own encouraged me to continue, and to grow more as a reader. By fourth grade I prided myself with an eleventh grade reading level, which made me feel very superior to the other kids I played kickball with at recess.

   I was a Bluebonnet, and after third grade, Lonestar reader, because I enjoyed the challenge of reading the whole lists of books before April.  When I got to Lonestar, they got more difficult, and some of them were less interesting, but I would always push myself to read all of them, partly because I have issues with closure, and partly because I relished in the feeling I got from being able to vote for which book was the best with really knowing all the books.

   This love for reading I had acquired grew exponentially in middle school. I had been a “library helper” in elementary school, so when I moved onto Ted Polk, I continued to do so. However, at Polk working in this position had a much more profound impact. The moment I walked through the doors of the library, I was awestruck; it was huge compared to the library at Country Place! I had seen libraries that were bigger, but to think that I could go to this one everyday was incredible for me. 

   Ender’s Game took me to another world when I read it, literally. The book utterly amazed me, and hooked me on the Science Fiction and fantasy genres. This new love lead me to read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, along with the sequel series, Heroes of Olympus, and the Kane Chronicles.  

   1984Lord of the Flies and Unwind helped me realize my love for the distopian genre, along with bits from Ender’s Game, that introduced the genre to me. I love this genre, because these books help us see that even though we have problems in our world, they could be a whole lot worse.  

   This year I have read five books, at around 1300 pages, and am now reading and greatly enjoying my sixth, Let the Great World Spin. I feel the amount that I’m reading has increased greatly from last year, and that I am growing as a reader. I really cherish the feeling of getting home from volleyball practice, and the first thing I do is collapse on the couch and open my book and just read; it is my stress free break before APUSH homework.


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