Levity in a Stressed World

   It is charming that in such stressful times, where most people are focused in on the economy and the awe-striking government, that some people can let all of that completely leave their minds and have a completely serious debate on which is more important: pie or cake? Others might say that these people are focused on the wrong things; that they should be worried about politics just as everyone else in America is. However, what could they really do other than worry? Instead, they are looking for relief from all the stress of current issues by having a good time and enjoying relationships in a profession that isn’t currently falling apart.

   This is something we can all take into mind when we are stressing about issues in our lives, sometimes we just need a moment of doing something for lack of a better word, silly, to prove that through the copious moments where all the work we have is building mountains on our back, levity can still allow us to set it all down and have moments of calm.  

   Examples of this principle are seen in everyday life, such as social media trend photos: planking, owling, etc., that people use to be silly and have a few laughs. In the world we live in, you can take anything too seriously or you will be overwhelmed and get hurt. So, just take a moment to yourself, who knows, maybe get a few friends together and have a “Dessert Debate”.


Dessert Debate: cake vs. pie


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