Top 10 Hates About School

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE school. Learning new things fascinates me, but I have quite a few things that erk me in the school experience.

 1) Slow People-There is nothing more irritating than being stuck behind people in a hallway who are just strolling along like they have thirty-six thousand minutes to get to class. Sometimes, I just put my head down and walk through the crowd at a brisk pace.

 2) Kids Without Backpacks- What are they coming to school for??? What on earth do they think they are going to learn when they don’t have anything to take notes on, or anywhere to keep their homework or notes. The worst of them are the guys who just walk into class with a pencil behind their ear, thinking that they are prepared for class.

3) Pregnant Teenagers- Why would they do that to themselves?

4) Couples in the Hallway

 5) Algebra in 8th Grade-

 6) Gossip Girls-

 7) Flirting Boys-

 8) Cell Service- It is terrible in my 1st and 5th period, and the school  Wi-Fi blocks communication apps, so I am all alone.

 9) Taking tests Online-

 10) Babying-


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