To be able to learn about anything you can dream of sounds like an amazing opportunity that I would love to have walk into my life. At first, my mind is flooded with all the possibilities; I could focus n languages and be able to have the words from Latin, Spanish, and French roll beautifully off my tongue. However, when it comes down to it, I want to learn about animals. And not your run of the mill animals, no I want to learn the ins and outs of the most exotic animals in the world and be charmed by their presence everyday when I go to work.

Being a veterinarian at a zoo is my dream, and being able to learn and work with such a magnificent variety of animals everyday would put me in a state of utter bliss. When visiting zoos I am very much like a child inside a candy store, carefully looking through each animal, and making sure that I see them all before it is time to go. My passion for these animals has existed ever since I was a small child. The faint memory of the first day of kindergarten when i declared to Mrs. McDonald and twenty other five-year olds that “I wanna be a vet!” still comes to me whenever anyone asks what career I am thinking of going into. I have always experienced a sort of connection with animals, which as a child made me feel incredibly comfortable around animals- even more than around people.

Animals are like a refuge, something that you can escape to when you feel like the rest of the world is persecuting youKnowing that animals depend on me, makes me feel a sense of pride and responsibility for their well-being. Recently, I bought two Mini Lop bunnies -whose fur is softer than a new born baby’s bottom- and I am completely responsible for them from medicine, feed and special treat when their tummy is upset, or they aren’t drinking water. The opportunity to work with these bunnies, and make sure they are healthy and ready for shows really adds to my passion for animals.

Being able to wake up every morning and give a white tiger a check up or treat an enormous elephant would be a perfect environment for me. The constan challenges and joy that I could find in that job would ensure that no matter what, I would never get bored, or stop loving the experience.


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