Hello world!

10 top songs

1) Promise by Romeo Santos- This is my boyfriend and I’s “song”, and he is in Marine’s bootcamp right now, so it makes me tear up whenever I hear it.

2) Lose Yourself by Eminem- I listen to this song before I go to play sports, or to perform. I like it a lot because it really pumps me up.

3) Ai se eu te pego by Michael Telo- This song has a really happy beat, and whenever I hear it, it just makes me smile.

4) Drive By by Train- I like this song, because it has very clever lyrics.

5) Dingue, Dingue, Dingue by Cristophe Mai- I heard this song in French class last yrear, and it has a very quick beat, and positive sound, but he is calling his girlfriend crazy the whole time. I thought it was funny how positive he made insulting his girlfriend sound.

6) Viva la Vida by Coldplay- This song sends a real message to me about how, if you’re a leader and you abuse the position and aren’t honest, or looking out for the good of the people you are in charge of, you can be overcome and sent back to the bottom.

7) What If by Jason Derulo- I like this song, because it is saying that you have to leave some things up to chance, and not guard your heart twenty four seven, which is something I try to live by.

8) Baby Blue Eyes by Rocket to the Moon- I like this song, mainly because I have baby blue eyes, and I like to pretend I’m important enough for this band to write a song about me.

9) Lady Madonna by The Beatles- This is in my top ten list, because The Beatles are my all time favorite band, and I’ve been in love with this song ever since I learned how to play it on my cello, for a solo contest.

10) Move Along by The All American Rejects- I like this song, because its message is that some things you just can’t help, and you have to work through them, and “move along”.


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